COVIDocy Revealed

So as we dig deeper, it appears that everything we were told about prevention and treatment for COVID-19 was just so much self-aggrandizing bullshit. Amazing, the things you find out reading Substack, where folks aren’t censored or cancelled. Continue reading COVIDocy Revealed

It Takes More Than a Beard

So it’s not just me who thinks the current craze for men’s beards is just so much bullshit.  Writing in the Washington Examiner, Suzanne Venker says “Looking masculine is one thing, being masculine is another”. Will these beards help attract women? Absolutely. But unless men learn to develop and proudly own their masculine core, the lack of shaving will be all for naught because it’s just a ruse. Looking masculine is great. But being masculine? That’s a home run. To top it off, most bearded males are sloppy groomers, suggesting they’re lightweights from the get-go.  Think I’m wrong?  Consider this … Continue reading It Takes More Than a Beard

News Flash! Men and Women are Different…

..despite the fact that some folks wish is wasn’t so Neurosexism: the myth that men and women have different brains — Gina Rippon (@ginarippon1) February 27, 2019 In fact, the National Institute of Health requires that sex be included as a variable in all studies: Sex can influence health & disease in many ways, which is why NIH requires that researchers consider sex as a biological variable (SABV) in all stages of research: Visit @NIH_ORWH for #SABV research tips. #WomensHealthInFocus #ThisIsNIH — NIH (@NIH) January 8, 2019 My favorite line from the review: “The mammalian brain is clearly … Continue reading News Flash! Men and Women are Different…

Oh Noes! Seawater to Volcanoes! and…

…newpaper reporters who can’t divide or have any sense of proportion: While also factoring in temperatures and pressures down below, the researchers concluded that 3 billion teragrams — or a billion kilograms — are being pulled down every million years. Lemme see here: 3 billion (3×109) kilograms every million (106) years, works out to an astounding 3 thousand (3×103) kilograms per year.  Why, why, why, that’s enough water to fill up my swimming pool almost TWO times.  Every year.  PANIC! CRISIS! RUN AWAY! Tip from Sarah Hoyt at the Instapundit, who does make even the most boring stuff sound interesting. Continue reading Oh Noes! Seawater to Volcanoes! and…

OK, so I’m just a little “fabulous.”

“Plus sized” is out, “fabulously sized” is in.  This is the latest spin from K-Mart: Now, in a push to move beyond labels, Kmart is calling their line of plus-size fashions “Fabulously Sized.” This comes at a time when body-positivity and inclusivity is on the rise with fashion shows adding curvier models and celebs fighting back against body shaming. Curvier models?  Curvier?  Only if they’re trying to hook up with one of these guys:       Tip from the ever-skeptical Sarah Hoyt at the Instapundit. Continue reading OK, so I’m just a little “fabulous.”

“I can’t pick out a nail polish now without a pendulum!”

Call me old-fashioned, but I think I can skip a $1500 shamanic closet cleanse.  I’ll stick with the milk crate I toss my gently-(ab)used and out-of-date clothes into.  I’m so square. Tip from Ed Driscoll, trying to make sense in a world gone mad, at the Instapundit. Continue reading “I can’t pick out a nail polish now without a pendulum!”

Reports of its death are greatly exaggerated

The ability of statistics to accurately represent the world is declining. In its wake, a new age of big data controlled by private companies is taking over – and putting democracy in peril. begins William Davies tale of woe in the Guardian.  Unfortunately, he confuses credible statistics with modern state-istics*; and seems impervious to the idea that Joe Sixpack has wised up to the fact that there are “lies, damned lies, and statistics,” and that most of these are peddled by the Leviathan State and its corporate cronies.  Usually to Joe’s detriment. Statistics in industry and scientific research is doing … Continue reading Reports of its death are greatly exaggerated

The Fate of the “Fountain”

Richard Bledsoe isn’t impressed with Conceptual Art A certain segment of the glitterati like to flaunt their ability to see shit as sophisticated art as a badge of honor, for some reason. and tells a delightful story about its early critics (“It broke!”). I have to agree, and now I’m off to learn more about William Glackens, The Eight, and the Ashcan School. Continue reading The Fate of the “Fountain”