Bad Choice, Pop

Spurs coach Greg Popovich continues to lecture us about President Trump’s shortcomings.  Nice try, Pop, but you’re getting tuned out with all the other pro sports and Hollywood folks who’ve squandered what little moral authority they ever had. Victor Davis Hanson recent wrote Pollsters, pundits, and the media have vastly underestimated how many in America loathe multimillionaire celebrities, pampered athletes, and triangulating politicians—the usual targets of Trump’s invective. And Christian Toto nails Hollywood: For a while one message rang out from Team Hollywood in the Age of Trump. The industry didn’t want you as a customer if you wear a … Continue reading Bad Choice, Pop

The Super Bowl Finger Malfunction

So let me get this straight:  Madonna is working her butt off trying to punch up a career which is getting a little long in the tooth, so she puts together a Super Bowl halftime show that very graciously showcases a whole gang of pop entertainers.  In return, singer M.I.A. expresses her appreciation for being put in front of 110 million views by flipping us all the Bird. M.I.A., REALLY?   That’s your quintessential artistic statement, the way you want to be remembered?  That  your public image is a crass, graceless, and vulgar one-hit wonder who bites the hand that feeds … Continue reading The Super Bowl Finger Malfunction

Two-fourths of a good idea

Uncle Sam wants kids to read more, so he blankets the web with ads like this: Which I think is pretty cool because (1)  I’ve been an Edgar Rice Burroughs junkie since junior high school; John Carter and Tarzan turned me into the voracious reader am I today, and (2) I can’t wait to see the movie, and I’m sure a whole generation of boys are going to read the books to get “the rest of the story.” But it’s also not so hot an idea because (3) It wouldn’t hurt to get GIRLS to do a bit more reading, … Continue reading Two-fourths of a good idea

Roadrunners pull off a miracle

UTSA’s inaugural football game was nothing short of spectacular.  After years of hard work and a solid year of publicity build-up, the University delivered a game day that fans will be talking about for decades. The pre-game activities were as big as anything I’ve seen in Austin, even though we Roadrunners are a bit inexperienced with hard-core tailgating.  Our crazy campus geography, with the main campus, downtown campus, and Alamodome (VERY close to UTSA’s Institute for Texas Cultures) would seem to be a recipe for commuting disaster.  Instead, with support from VIA’s ruthlessly efficient bus service, we have three areas … Continue reading Roadrunners pull off a miracle

Don’t stand next to me kid, ya make me look bad

I just read what’s got to be the hoot of the month, Abercrombie and Fitch–once THE outfitter, but now a purveyor of wrinkled sportswear befitting a bag lady–is offering to PAY cast members of “Jersey Shore” to NOT wear their products.  Hey, you don’t have to be a doofus from Jersey to know that money in is better than money out.  I say go for it.  Of course, this could lead to widespread fashion anxiety, as millions of young adults find they may have to actually separate the laundry and wash their clothes at different temperatures, a #firstworldproblem if ever … Continue reading Don’t stand next to me kid, ya make me look bad

Weekly geekery

My buddy Jaime is always reminding me of cool stuff I see on the web, but forget to pass on.  I’m trying to improve. Everyday math Fibonacci sequences — you do the math.  (Tip from CBS News). How algorithms shape our world (Tip from The Endeavour). The powers of ten, as applied to the national debt(s).  (Tip from The Parkway Rest Stop). Health and medicine So long, low salt diet (Tip from the Instapundit). Entertainment Conan, rebooted.  (Tip from the Hud, who certifies we’re all adults to Nanny YouTube). Continue reading Weekly geekery