Cultural Appropriation for Me, Not for Thee

So some woke Chino-American gets his knickers in a twist because a Caucasian young lady wore a cheongsam as a prom dress.  But somehow, I don’t think he had a problem with something like this: To me, women of color wearing Daisy Dukes is an especially un-woke cultural appropriation, since her TV brothers drove around in a car painted like this By sv1ambo – 1969 Dodge Charger – General Lee, CC BY 2.0, Link Is it just me? or has this whole “cultural appropriation” thing degenerated into a vicious farce perpetrated by spiteful little junior-high girls (of all ages and … Continue reading Cultural Appropriation for Me, Not for Thee

Making America GLAMOROUS Again

Since Christmas, the oh-so-woke fashion and lifestyle press has aggressively ignored first lady Melania Trump.  Unlike her husband, she doesn’t bluster, tweet, or speechify; instead she speaks in the language of fashion.  For French President Macron’s state visit, she wore this: Impossible to be ignored. The Washington Post’s Robin Givhan writes On these official occasions, the first lady sometimes appears to be dressing for a fashion-shoot version of the event — a kind of heightened reality of an already rather surreal circumstance. But there is also the sense that she is stubbornly and confidently dressing up and refusing to relax … Continue reading Making America GLAMOROUS Again

Silicon Valley meets the Urban Chicken Movement…

…and does it in style. It’s not uncommon here to see chickens roaming in their owners’ homes or even roosting in bedrooms, often with diapers on, according to Leslie Citroen, 54, one of the Bay Area’s most sought after “chicken whisperers,” who does everything from selling upscale chickens and building coops to providing consultation to backyard bird owners. Her services cost $225 an hour. Want a coop and walk-in pen (known as a run)? You can expect to pay $4,000 to $5,000 for a standard setup. Fools and their money.  But as Kid Creole and the Coconuts sang “Whatcha gonna … Continue reading Silicon Valley meets the Urban Chicken Movement…

“I can’t pick out a nail polish now without a pendulum!”

Call me old-fashioned, but I think I can skip a $1500 shamanic closet cleanse.  I’ll stick with the milk crate I toss my gently-(ab)used and out-of-date clothes into.  I’m so square. Tip from Ed Driscoll, trying to make sense in a world gone mad, at the Instapundit. Continue reading “I can’t pick out a nail polish now without a pendulum!”

Maybe clothes DO make the man

Here’s a school program that’s so off-the wall it might actually make a difference: providing washing machines in public schools.  It’s early days, with little data collected, but compared to Michelle O’s disastrous school lunch madness, it’s an intriguing experiment with potentially outsize benefits.  Virginia Postrel might have some insight into ideas like this. Tip from Happy Acres, who’s gotten this a bit muddled with the more general notion of personal hygiene* as a component of good sanitation and public health programs. * I’m usually very critical of do-gooders descending upon folks and telling them what to do “for their … Continue reading Maybe clothes DO make the man

Don’t stand next to me kid, ya make me look bad

I just read what’s got to be the hoot of the month, Abercrombie and Fitch–once THE outfitter, but now a purveyor of wrinkled sportswear befitting a bag lady–is offering to PAY cast members of “Jersey Shore” to NOT wear their products.  Hey, you don’t have to be a doofus from Jersey to know that money in is better than money out.  I say go for it.  Of course, this could lead to widespread fashion anxiety, as millions of young adults find they may have to actually separate the laundry and wash their clothes at different temperatures, a #firstworldproblem if ever … Continue reading Don’t stand next to me kid, ya make me look bad