Two-fourths of a good idea

Uncle Sam wants kids to read more, so he blankets the web with ads like this:

Which I think is pretty cool because

(1)  I’ve been an Edgar Rice Burroughs junkie since junior high school; John Carter and Tarzan turned me into the voracious reader am I today, and

(2) I can’t wait to see the movie, and I’m sure a whole generation of boys are going to read the books to get “the rest of the story.”

But it’s also not so hot an idea because

(3) It wouldn’t hurt to get GIRLS to do a bit more reading, as well, and

(4) There’s more to reading–even for young folks–than pulp fiction.  Long before the pulps, one of my heroes was the “real” Indiana Jones, Dr Roy Chapman Andrews, who popularized paleontology with, among others, his “All About” books.



A Primer on Clinical Trials

Over on the Scientific American blogs, Dr Judy Stone begins a series of online articles describing the ins and outs of clinical trials.  Most folks have no idea how complicated or time-consuming the process is.

Stay tuned, I’ll keep these updated.

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Gettin’ it on the QR

I’m finally getting hip to QR codes.  Here’s a nice (=free) QR generator; it gives me this QR for the blog’s URL.

I’m currently test-driving the Butterkiss QR Scanner for my Windows Phone.  So far–scanning from computer screens–it’s working fine.

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Update (7 October).  I’m starting to get the hang of this QE stuff–you can do text!  Here’s a drink recipe, enjoy!

If there is no God, then everything is permitted…

I’ve often wondered about this statement, and now I’ve found it:

If there is no God, everything is
permitted; if there is a God, it’s even more terrifying, because then some
things are not permitted, and men have got to find out which are which.

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