A Riverwalk Outing

I’d seen some news photos and heard rumors that the Stay at Home Directive in San Antonio had an unexpected side effect:  the San Antonio River is clearing up!  My wife and I took a a quick trip downtown to See the Elephant, and behold! It ain’t crystal clear, but you can certainly see the junk on the bottom, and how shallow the river is (SA safety tip:  If you fall in the San Antonio River and can’t swim, just stand up.  Then go take a long hot shower.) The Riverwalk is pretty much deserted and closed for business, with … Continue reading A Riverwalk Outing

Hey, Hey, Hey! My school made the top 20!

UTSA does it again!  My school was recently reported as being #19 of 20 in sugar babies. And the term sugar baby indicates a young adult willing to become a compensated protege of an older patron in exchange for unspecified (but easily imagined) personal services. Somehow I suspect this new ranking for UTSA will not appear in any of the school’s recruitment or outreach materials. Continue reading Hey, Hey, Hey! My school made the top 20!

Art Meets Science

On a day that I’m overbooked, running around campus doing minor, but essential chores, and feeling a bit grumpy about the whole academic enterprise, I stumble upon a jewel like this: Not in a gallery or the administration building, but in a hallway between classrooms.  Where thousands of students, and the odd faculty member, can marvel at what talents sometimes pop up where we least expect them. Continue reading Art Meets Science

Blowin’ in the wind

The cheap veneer seems to be gradually peeling off the whole wind energy enterprise.    The Dutch are finding it to be financially demanding,  Californians in the Tehatchipi area are incensed at the idea,  The Duke of Edinburgh calls them a disgrace, and over 14,000 windmills have been flat abandoned here in the US. In spite of all the spin from insiders on the take, wind power was a big bust during last summer’s Texas heat wave. Unfortunately for me and my neighbors, San Antonio CPS Energy remains hell-bent on selling wind power, and they’ve enlisted a claque of corporate and … Continue reading Blowin’ in the wind

OK, it’s official. A million bucks down a rathole.

I predicted the City of San Antonio’s Bike Sharing Program would be a bust, and it appears I was right.  So there’s $1,000,000 of YOUR tax dollars blown.  The only upside I see is that the B-Cycle kiosks are a strong signal of good locations for  private bicycle shops like the Blue Star Bike Shop. Hmm, I wonder if I could get those barely used b-cycles from the City on the cheap.  I’ve got an idea… Continue reading OK, it’s official. A million bucks down a rathole.