Some Hard Stats about University Teaching

Thinking about becoming a university professor?  Read Kevin Birmingham’s “The Great Shame of Our Profession” before making definite plans.

A 2014 congressional report suggests that 89 percent of adjuncts work at more than one institution; 13 percent work at four or more. The need for several appointments becomes obvious when we realize how little any one of them pays….

According to the 2014 congressional report, adjuncts’ median pay per course is $2,700. An annual report by the American Association of University Professors indicated that last year “the average part-time faculty member earned $16,718” from a single employer. Other studies have similar findings. Thirty-one percent of part-time faculty members live near or below the poverty line.


It’s amusing to think of all the underpaid university adjuncts striking for a “living wage.”  Unfortunately, the pool of potential “scabs” is way too deep for any strike to be effective for more than one semester.

Of course, not all disciplines have the same problems.  My department is chronically desparate to find enough statisticians to teach all our courses, and I’ve been comfortably esconced in a non-tenure track job for over 15 years.  But statisticians are rare birds, and everyone I’ve talked to allows as how it’s far too late for them to swot up on their math and stats to become employable.

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The Inside Scoop on Women’s Studies

Toni Airaksinen, a rising junior at Barnard College in Manhattan, gives us all the skinny on what women’s studies is all about.  It’s all WLB-iness.*

So, if you’re not finding oppression: look harder.  The unfortunate consequence of this theory is that oppression will be found everywhere — even where it doesn’t exist.

Ashe Schow takes it one step further describing “Where feminism went wrong”

No longer are feminists devoted to equality — because men and women do have equal rights under the law (although Janet Bloomfield has pointed out five legal rights women have that men don’t). The focus now is on parity, and the refusal to accept that men and women might just be different enough on aggregate that they have different priorities in life.

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* Whiny Little Bitch (which, since it is derived from prison jargon, applies to all sexes and genders)

Gasahol is Genocide

American and European biofuel mandates and subsidies are starving the Guatemalan working class.

GUATEMALA CITY — In the tiny tortillerias of this city, people complain ceaselessly about the high price of corn. Just three years ago, one quetzal — about 15 cents — bought eight tortillas; today it buys only four. And eggs have tripled in price because chickens eat corn feed.

Brought to you by the same folks who would denounce the United Fruit Company.

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Update (14 January).  The mandates are hitting Americans in the pocketbook as well.  Tip from the Instapundit.

The Man Who Defected to North Korea

Anyone who believes in something for nothing is already half on the road to being swindled.

Fortunately, millions who have defected to the People’s Democratic Republic of California are finding it easier to escape.

Update (22 July).  And then there’s this poor mook who’s looking for an Islamic paradise.  Tip from Via Meadia.