Tsoo Tsoon to be a Tsunami

Andrew Gillen at the Texas Public Policy Foundation says “Two Tsunamis are About to Hit Higher Education,” when :..the Department of Education released post graduate earnings and debt data broken down by college program — which will have a revolutionary impact on higher education.” A bit of poking around on the web gets you to the TPPF webpage College Earnings and Debt, which ranks hundreds of degree programs by median student debt and after-graduation income.  It’s a nice interactive database, where you can compare programs among multiple colleges, or for a single college. GIllen touts this information (he calls it the … Continue reading Tsoo Tsoon to be a Tsunami

This is embarrassing

OK, so we Texans do need to knock a few pounds off; we’re #12 on the list of “fat states.”  But to get beat out by Oklahoma and …. Michigan?  That’s just wrong.  Worse yet, Louisiana is NOT #1.  This indicates a deplorable lack of pride and standards. Update (8 July).  Reuters reports the same story, but without a “Top 15” list.  Which makes me wonder, why 15 and not Top 10?  Was it because Top 10 would not have included Texas?  Just asking… Continue reading This is embarrassing