Leaping Lizards!

 Dealing with an odd-sized year (365.024219 days) is not as easy as you think.  Not only do we have the popular Gregorian Calendar (4-year cycles, with “by-years”), but some geek gurus have proposed the Earthian Calendar (33-year! cycles).  There’s even a connection to Stonehenge.

Update (3 March).  A careful look at the Earthian Calendar site reveals a calendar generator!  This year’s calendar reveals the 2012 leap day as 11 Pisces 0004 Earthian (or Copernican, as the author prefers to call it).


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  • Conan, rebooted.  (Tip from the Hud, who certifies we’re all adults to Nanny YouTube).

Optimal Grilling

The Rapid Steak Algorithm.  OK, so it’s really an introductory article about operations research, which we at UTSA, in our infinite wisdom, call management science, to keep the engineers from getting their grubby paws on it.

Writer Sanjay Saigal (is that some kind of Houston name?) promises more of this good stuff.

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