Hey, Hey, Hey! My school made the top 20!

UTSA does it again!  My school was recently reported as being #19 of 20 in sugar babies. And the term sugar baby indicates a young adult willing to become a compensated protege of an older patron in exchange for unspecified (but easily imagined) personal services. Somehow I suspect this new ranking for UTSA will not appear in any of the school’s recruitment or outreach materials. Continue reading Hey, Hey, Hey! My school made the top 20!

Art Meets Science

On a day that I’m overbooked, running around campus doing minor, but essential chores, and feeling a bit grumpy about the whole academic enterprise, I stumble upon a jewel like this: Not in a gallery or the administration building, but in a hallway between classrooms.  Where thousands of students, and the odd faculty member, can marvel at what talents sometimes pop up where we least expect them. Continue reading Art Meets Science

Roadrunners bounce back

After two disappointing losses, the UTSA Roadrunners bounced back with an overwhelming victory over the Bacone Warriors, 54-7.  Better yet, they unveiled yet another creative tactic to prevent fans from rushing the field after the game: run the score up so high that most folks left during the third quarter. For those of us who stuck around, there were plenty of thrills and spills, mostly provided by the UTSA defense, who apparently have been subsisting on raw meat and galvanized nails for the past week.    #44 Steven Kurfehs’ interception and touchdown run was my favorite, since I saw him running … Continue reading Roadrunners bounce back

Hobbit Rings! Oh goody! I gots a Hobbit Ring!

UTSA has just implemented a common-password system for all university online services.  In the comment section of this post on Bruce Schneier’s security blog, I learn that these are called Hobbit Rings. I especially like this comment by Paul Dittrich: Years ago, a colleague asked “Why do I need to have so many passwords?” Rather than answering directly, I pointed at his keyring and asked him “Why do you need so many different keys? Wouldn’t it be easier to have just one key to open everything?” He looked at me like I was crazy and said “Well THAT would be … Continue reading Hobbit Rings! Oh goody! I gots a Hobbit Ring!

Undefeated no more

Just like last week, fans at today’s UTSA-McMurry game were admonished to stay off the field after the game.  UTSA’s football team discovered a way to make that happen:  they lost 24-21.  Lots of “Monday morning” quarterbacking going on already, but from my seat (in the north end zone) it appeared that a game UTSA defense has never heard the word “blitz.”  I’m sure Coach Coker will get WAY more help than he really wants this week. Update (11 September).  I can’t fault Coach Coaker’s work ethic.  I spotted him going into work on campus this morning about 10:30.  Looked … Continue reading Undefeated no more

What to do with the Rowdy Ryans?

In yesterday’s post about UTSA’s inaugural football game, I failed to mention the student fans rushing the field after the game.  Roughly what happened was Before the final play of the game, there was a clear announcement over the PA system to refrain from running onto the field, with a warning that you could be arrested. During the final play (NE State’s possession), a UTSA fan ran to the 50 yard line to cheer and bow to our winning team.  NE State players justifiably complained.  Security gave him the Evil Eye and chased him off the field into custody. Immediately … Continue reading What to do with the Rowdy Ryans?

Roadrunners pull off a miracle

UTSA’s inaugural football game was nothing short of spectacular.  After years of hard work and a solid year of publicity build-up, the University delivered a game day that fans will be talking about for decades. The pre-game activities were as big as anything I’ve seen in Austin, even though we Roadrunners are a bit inexperienced with hard-core tailgating.  Our crazy campus geography, with the main campus, downtown campus, and Alamodome (VERY close to UTSA’s Institute for Texas Cultures) would seem to be a recipe for commuting disaster.  Instead, with support from VIA’s ruthlessly efficient bus service, we have three areas … Continue reading Roadrunners pull off a miracle