Mom says, “Go outside and play!”

No wonder my students are such a bunch of sissies who look like they came from under a rock. 

Thanks to Kim Swygert.



These guys have it almost right:

"I know people mean well, but I just don’t think the symbol of this country should be used in that fashion," said [Lonnie] Jackson, an Army veteran of 24 years who saw action in both Korea and Vietnam. "I think profit, not patriotism is what pushes a lot of the people making this stuff. You have people sitting on the flag."

"I think it takes away the dignity of the flag," [WIlliam] Hay said. "I really do. It’s a reflection of our society. Everything is more casual. There is less respect for authority."

It’s not just authority. In society today, there’s just less respect.

Notice that William Hay is a Son of the American Revolution. I’m waiting for Dad’s genealogical paperwork to get verified, so I can be one too (g-g-g-g-grandfather Ross was at Lexington).