Simplemente Lara

Unless you have reservations for the May 8 performance of Simplemente Lara at the Jump Start Theater, you’ve missed out on some wonderful Mexican popular music. Jose Ruben de Leon sings darn close to the original Augustin Lara, and Aaron Prado (yes, the KRTU music director) is note-perfect on the piano. Aaron’s dad, George Prado (leader of the Regency Jazz Quartet), was no slouch on the string bass, either. But all is not lost. JRdL tells us that Jump Start will reprise this show in the summer, and the guys are already working on a larger Augustin Lara show incorporating original film and photos, and lots more songs. My only gripe about the whole show: no CD on sale!

UPDATE: I received an email from Aaron Prado saying among other things "yes, there will definitely be more Lara in the future. My dad and I are hooked and are excited about continuing the project this summer. "

It’s That Time of Year….

Good news and bad news: this morning I gave my final lecture of the semester, a review of final exam topics for my "poets class" in statistics. Now I have 4 days to turn that list of topics and examples into the actual exam. Fortunately, I’ve got some help this year, a practical guide to writing test questions, thanks to Kim Swygert at Number 2 Pencil. No more lame-o multiple choice answers like

a. chi-square

b. peanut butter

c. 0.05

d. all of the above

e. none of the above

f. no more than two of the above.

Bang, You’re Dead

Jan Nordgreen over at think again! posed a fun probability problem about a hung-over gunfighter this morning. I’ve posted two possible solutions–Jan provided some additional data after I posted the first one, so I changed models. I swiped the model used in logistic regression, since it has a nice property. AND…I’ve posed my own problem involving probit regression. Check it out.