Seminar on Risks in Nuclear Waste Disposal

Dr Sitakanta Mohanty from Southwest Research Institute will be giving a seminar on Friday, April 22, at 2pm in the UTSA College of Business, room BB 4.02.10. The subject is "SENSITIVITY ANALYSIS IN THE CONTEXT OF RISK SIGNIFICANCE," which sounds a bit vague. Dr M does risk analysis for nuclear waste disposal, so this is an interesting topic. One of his colleagues, Dr Bob Mason (former ASA President) says Mohanty is a great speaker, so be there!

Update: It was an excellent talk, and Dr Roy, our seminar guru, had obviously prepped Dr Mohanty that our seminars are packed with undergraduates*–the talk focussed on the process of risk analysis with the Yucca Mountain site as the example, and the technical detail was accessible to everyone. Not only did we learn a lot about the Yucca Mountain project, we gained a better appreciation for the job of risk analysis. Talking with Dr M after the seminar, he brought up the concept of risk dilution, which he intends to write a tutorial paper on, time permitting. This sounds like a topic for one of my famous problems, perhaps in the fall offering of Statistics 3513, Probability and Statistics.

*Isn’t it amazing what 10 points of extra credit will get students to do?