Mickey Mouse = Big Brother?

Another reason I refuse to go back to that overpriced carnival called Disney World.

Jigsaw Puzzles!

Craig McClain at Deep-Sea News always has something interesting and educational.  It’s a slow news day for him, so he posted a jigsaw puzzle made with this thing.  Cool.  Here’s one for the math and stats folks.

Chronicles of Plonk: Papio 2003 Merlot

Geez, I love it when people are suspicious of a good deal.  The
mrs and I were out running a few errands this evening, and I suggested
we check to see if her wineshop had any of that $3.60 "monkey wine"
left. "S-u-r-e," said she, always the good sport.  Lo! and
behold!  There were cases of the plonk, stacked for the
taking.  Ten of the chardonnay, and one each of the cabernet and
the merlot, through the checkout, into the boot of the Beater, and home
in a trice [$43.20 for a case of wine? Our grocery stores sell single bottles for more than that!
Tonight we sluiced down the leftover pizza with a Papio 2003
Merlot:  nicely dry, with plenty of fruit.  Another splendid
plonk!  I recommend a case.

Flag-Burning Hissy Fits

As usual, Mark Steyn says everything I think about the proposed amendment against flag burning, only better.

the folks most incensed by the amendment call this racism:


they call this facism:


and they call this well-reasoned protest:


Speech it may be, but none of these folks are nice people.

UPDATE: Cox and Forkum share my opinion of people who want to junk up the constitution; they’re not very nice either.