The Cyberfascism Bulletin #2: April Fool’s Edition

I wish I was foolin’. All this stuff’s real, so the joke’s on us. BIG BIZ An oldie but goodie: Kim DuToit discovers that the Weather Channel app is selling his location data in near real time. He is not amused. Heck, I didn’t even realize that drunken online shopping was a thing. How naiveContinue reading “The Cyberfascism Bulletin #2: April Fool’s Edition”

The Cyberfascism Bulletin #1: Spring Break Edition

This is the first in a continuing series of “callouts” detailing the onslaught of the ubiquitous surveillance and behavioral influence state. Remember, whether the state seizes industry, or industry seizes the state, the result is still fascism. BIG BIZ Volvo wants to spy on you while you drive. Two thoughts immediately came to mind: (1)Continue reading “The Cyberfascism Bulletin #1: Spring Break Edition”

The War Against Big Brother

Today I begin a series of posts of observations and comments about what I call cyber fascism, the harnessing of ubiquitous information technology to impose political, commercial, and social control over much of the developed and developing world. My first real inkling of the enormity of our situation came as I prepared material for aContinue reading “The War Against Big Brother”