The Abolition of Cash, Frisco Edition

Do people not understand the words “Legal Tender?” If you want a hot coffee at Blue Bottle, cold hard cash may not work anymore. The high-end coffee company will ban cash at 12 locations across the country starting on March 11 as part of a month-long experiment that aims to speed up purchases.  (photo fromContinue reading “The Abolition of Cash, Frisco Edition”

Big Brother Invades the Ice House

The Surveillance Market is set to invade your local quick-stop, grocer, or ice house. A new digital door technology from a company called Cooler Screens is now being tested in Walgreens, and it sounds absolutely awful. Rather than a basic, transparent glass door, coolers and freezers will be sealed by screens that show a sanitizedContinue reading “Big Brother Invades the Ice House”

You’re not just web surfing, you’re participating in an A/B test

Pretty much every time you log on to Facebook or use Google, you’re participating, as a subject, in an A/B test.  Unknowingly.  Without informed consent.  This is how privacy and human rights are eroded, one click at a time.  Worse yet, the folks who do this brag about it!  Don’t believe me?  Type “A/B testingContinue reading “You’re not just web surfing, you’re participating in an A/B test”

Even your doorbell is spying on you

In it’s unbridled quest for behavioral data, Google put microphones in its subsidiary Nest’s home security systems.   Ostensibly for future upgrades.  Without telling their customers.  Who does PR for these guys?  Jussie Smollett? Bonus:  apparently Google was pushing privacy limits with Street View as well, sucking up local WiFi addresses. Tip from Stephen Green atContinue reading “Even your doorbell is spying on you”

The War Against Big Brother

Today I begin a series of posts of observations and comments about what I call cyber fascism, the harnessing of ubiquitous information technology to impose political, commercial, and social control over much of the developed and developing world. My first real inkling of the enormity of our situation came as I prepared material for aContinue reading “The War Against Big Brother”