I never did like that little snitch…

…and now someone agrees with me. ‘Elf on the Shelf’ conditions kids to accept surveillance state, says Laura Pinto, a digital technology professor at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

You’re teaching (kids) a bigger lesson, which is that it’s OK for other people to spy on you and you’re not entitled to privacy,” she tells the Toronto Star.

She calls the elf “an external form of non-familial surveillance,” and says it’s potentially conditioning children to accept the state acting that way, too.

If you grow up thinking it’s cool for the elves to watch me and report back to Santa, well, then it’s cool for the NSA to watch me and report back to the government.

And to add insult to injury, parents PAY for this nosy little bastard at trendy bookstores like Barnes and Noble and Amazon.


Feynman on Science Education

After reading this, I think I have a lot of work to do revising my lessons.

Tip from Desiderius commenting at The Unz Review.

Free Market Jesus Paradise

That’s what Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky calls the South these days, while advising the Democrats to write us off.  If only.


Tip from Twitchy, where a few Paradaistas get in some zingers of their own.



Top College Majors for Jobs

Notice that STATISTICS made the top 10.

College majors for good jobs, if that’s the way you roll.

Lots of handwringing discussion at the source, mostly not worth reading.


Get hip to the Fourier Transform

Love this great one-liner describing the ridiculously useful Fourier Transform


Unfortunately, the blog post where it originally appeared has vanished from the Web.  However, my search revealed this great tutorial by Zonst.

Tip from the R guys at Revolutions.

Obligatory Cat Pictures

Two of my favorites from HappyAcres:


and the always appropriate


Don’t ask “Why do they hate us?” ask “Why do WE disgust them?”

Written sexual consent codes, and scoundrel cascades, oh my!

“I try to become more cynical every day, but lately I just can’t keep up.”